Soul's Journey Candles Story

My name is Jacqueline Cabrera. I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic until I moved to the US at age twelve. I lived in both PA and NY for a few years. In NY, I graduated college with a sociology degree. My upbringing and the social inequalities I constantly saw in NY helped me decide what kind of career I wanted to pursue. I currently live in Connecticut with my husband and my two sons. 

I am a hopeful person who believes that there is good in the world. If we all support each other, we can make a huge difference. I am super passionate about making candles. The process is so relaxing and enjoyable. One of my favorite past times is to walk around Manhattan and find hidden gems; restaurants & antique shops. I hope to set up a nonprofit in a not-so-distant future to offer resources for inner city children and teens.

You may be asking what does this have to do with Soul's Journey Candles? The reason why I am relating this info is because this company represents my Soul's Journey. Each candle is carefully crafted to illuminate those that encounter it. That is my life’s purpose, I hope that lighting a Soul’s Journey candle will remind you of those little things in life that we often forget.  

My love for candles started very early in my life. As a little girl born in a country where the electricity is sanctioned by the government, my best childhood memories were created under a candle’s light; from playing and fighting with my siblings to listening to my grandmothers’ songs and folktales. A candle’s flame showed me that no matter how big and expansive the darkness can be, a small spark can light up the place and guide us forward. I have created Soul’s Journey Candles in a variety of scents. Scents that will take your busy mind away to places such as a serene little campo in the Dominican Republic or a flower garden in Japan. 

Souls Journey Candles is a company dedicated to bringing light to the world one candle at a time. Back in 2015, I read an article by the Huffpost where they mentioned how harmful paraffin candles are to our health, from that quick read I started doing my own research and found out that most of the candles sold in pharmacies and stores are made of Paraffin which releases pollutants to the air we breathe. My research and new understanding gave me the idea to make my own candles out of eco friendly, vegan, phthalates free, no SLS, parabens or sulfates. With Souls Journey Candles I aim to reduce air pollution in our precious homes. I personally hand pour the candles in small batches using all natural ingredients. What propelled me to start making candles was when I learned that most of the candles out there are made out of Paraffin, a harmful, pollutant and petroleum based product.

The idea to open this business came to me in 2016, I had been making candles for myself for about a year, my friends would give me compliments on how good they smelled and how beautiful they looked. I went on a journey to educate myself and practice the art of candle making with all natural ingredients. Perfecting a candle recipe can be time consuming and very challenging, whether it is having the right temperature to add the ingredients, add fragrance oils at the right time, getting the correct wick size, or making sure you are not pouring the wax too cold or too hot. It takes countless hours of testing to be able to come up with the perfect recipe.

Soy candles burn time is longer than paraffin and they have a much more cleaner burn. Our 8 oz candles burn from 48-54 hours and our 4 oz  burn from 24-27 hours. All our candles come with a beautiful inspiration message on top of the lid, as well as a warning label* at the bottom of the candle. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting us. ALL CANDLES ARE INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED IN A WHITE BOX AND TOPPED WITH A BLUE RIBBON. READY FOR GIFTING.